International Sculpture Park
MARCA is the favoured partner of Intersezioni, the contemporary sculpture project promoted by the Province of Catanzaro and curated by Alberto Fiz, which takes place every Summer since 2005 in the Scolacium archaeological site. Until now the artists who took part in the project include Stephan Balkenhol, Tony Cragg, Wim Delvoye, Jan Fabre, Antony Gormley, Dennis Oppenheim, Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Marc Quinn.

A part from the temporary exhibitions, in the city of Catanzaro rises the International Sculpture Park (Parco Internazionale della Scultura), the first of this kind in Southern Italy. In this site, some works by the artists who took part in Intersezioni are permanently displayed and have become emblematic pieces of the public city heritage.
The International Sculpture Park is situated in a green area of more than 155 acres next to Catanzaro city centre. It is one of the most representative projects about public art all over Italy.
The project is in progress and at the moment 22 works of art have been installed in the park. Among these: Tänzerin and Man by Stephan Balkenhol (2005); Cast Glances by Tony Cragg (2002); Concrete Mixer by Wim Delvoye (2007); Man measuring the clouds by Jan Fabre (1998); Seven Times, the seven-works installation by Antony Gormley (2006); Testimoni, the four-works installation by Mimmo Paladino (1998); and Totem by Marc Quinn (2007). In November 2009 were added Electric Kisses, two works by Dennis Oppenheim , which evoke ancient pagodas and in 2010 two installations by Michelangelo Pistoletto: I Templi cambiano -Terzo Paradiso (Times/Temples Change - Third Paradise), a re-edition of classics and Le sponde del Meditteraneo - Love Difference (Mediterranean Shores) with its 68 coloured stones aiming to be a place of interaction among different cultures.

So, Catanzaro not only hosts a series of temporary exhibitions in a place full of historical significance, but expresses also the precise will to create a public organic collection lively interacting with the urban reality, an open-air museum that closely involves the MARCA museum.

Intersezioni is the great display of sculpture curated by Alberto Fiz, taking place every year in summer from 2005, inside the extraordinary archaeological site of Scolacium, on the Ionic coast, just 10 kilometres from Catanzaro city centre.
The ancient city of Minervia Scolacium, with its Norman Basilica, the Forum, the Roman Theatre, all surrounded by one of the widest olive groves of Southern Italy, is the unique scenario in which sculpture entangles with history. The result is an exhibition especially conceived for this location as it is impossible to find the same characteristics elsewhere. In this context the contemporary plastic research performs a creative action that deeply transforms space and time perception and starts an unprecedented formative process.

Artists and works in the International Sculpture Park (Parco Internazionale della Scultura) of Catanzaro

Tony Cragg
(Liverpool, 1949)
Cast Glances, 2002
In collection from 2005

Jan Fabre
(Antwerp, 1958)
De man de wolken meet, 1998
(The man who measures the clouds)
Bronze and silicon
In collection from 2005

Mimmo Paladino
(Paduli, 1948)
Without title (witnesses), 1998
Installation, four elements
In collection from 2005

Antony Gormley
(London, 1950)
Seven Times, 2006
Installation, seven elements
In collection from 2006

Stephan Balkenhol
(Fritzlar/Assia, 1957)
Ohne Titel
(Mann und Tanzerin), 2005
Without title
(Man and dancer)
Painted bronze
In collection from 2008

Wim Delvoye
(Wervik, 1965)
Concrete Mixer, 2007
Corten steel
In collection from 2008

Marc Quinn
(London, 1950)
Totem, 2007
Concrete and cast iron
In collection from 2008

Dennis Oppenheim
(Electric City, 1938)
Electric Kisses, 2009
Stainless steel and acrylic coloured pipes

Installation, two elements
In collection from 2009

Michelangelo Pistoletto
(Biella, 1933)
I Temp(l)i cambiano -Terzo Paradiso, 2010 (Times/Temples Change - Third Paradise)
Discarded electrical appliances materials
Ecodom, Consorzio Italiano Recupero e Riciclaggio Elettrodomestici (Italian Consortium for recovering and recycling domestic appliances)
In collection from 2010

Le sponde del Mediterraneo - Love Difference, 2010 (Mediterranean Shores - Love Difference)
68 stones
In collection from 2010
Intersezioni 7 - Daniel Buren Costruire sulle vestigia, impermanenze Opere in situ  - Parco Archeologico Scolacium, MARCA Catanzaro